Having a life circling around a corporate career, my marriage, family with 4 kids, gave me full experience of what it is like to be a young modern woman. Struggling to live an authentic and deliberate life, it started my journey of finding more clarity, freedom and joy.

During the years of my own searching, I dealt with marriage issues, the guilt of a working mother, the daily struggle of juggling the many areas of my life and the loss of my own identity. Self-care was the last thing on my mind, leading to a vicious cycle of burn out, lack of fulfillment and mediocre relationships.

Working through my challenges, I often wished that I have someone who could be my sounding board, who can help me through my internal obstacles and self-limiting beliefs, who will tell me like it is and call me out when I am not working towards my highest self; someone who can encourage me when I am down and celebrate with me when I win. Someone I trust with my vulnerabilities and know they will be carefully protected and handled with love.

I woke up one day and realised I could be that person for other women! With that realisation, I started my coaching journey. Enrolling myself in Coach U for formal coach training, starting my coaching practice and jumping with both feet into the coaching profession has been as joyful and fulfilling as I hoped it to be. 

Now, I help women through mid-life transitions who wants to find another way. After partnering with me, they find clarity, freedom and joy in their lives. My clients have better work-life balance, fulfilling relationships, productive careers and financial freedom. They see the infinite possibilities in their lives and that they don’t have to give up, or resigned to be trapped.


No matter how hard life is, they can thrive in difficult conditions and rise above life's challenges.



  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation, ACC

  • Coach U Graduate, Advanced Coaching Program, CUG

  • Certified Extended DISC Practitioner

  • Project Management Professional, PMP

  • Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy, BSc. Pharm


  • Immediate Past President, International Coach Federation, Singapore Chapter, 2019

  • President, International Coach Federation, Singapore Chapter, 2018

  • President Elect, International Coach Federation, Singapore Chapter, 2017

  • Honorary Secretary, International Coach Federation, Singapore Chapter, 2016

  • Education Lead, Business Network International, Steadfast Chapter, 2018-2019


+65 9663 3051

331 North Bridge Road, Level 22, Odeon Towers, Singapore 188720

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