Finding Joy in Transitions

Blooming in the Seasons of Change

Authored by Lai Han Sam (Sam)

Why is this book written?


Finding Joy In Transitions was written to share the stories of life transitions that Sam and her clients experience in their lives. Very often, each woman experience numerous transitions, sometimes even overlapping ones. This book offers comfort, a different perspective and resources that will help the readers to move forward through their transitions.

Who is the book written for?

Women between 30 - 50 going through a life transition. They are generally on an upward moving career and life path, professional and most likely a mother and a wife. It is an outward change but an inward challenge.

How will it help the target readers?

The chapters are written with a specific life stage change, work life change or personal change in mind.  

Each chapter tackles a specific story using 

 - An inspiring and through provoking quote

 - Tips to think differently

 - Steps to move forward

 - Reflection questions for clarity

The book also includes a list of curated resources in various media like books, websites, podcasts, blogs and videos.

How is this book unique?

The unique point of this book is that you do not have to read it from cover to cover. You only need to read the setup in front and then move the stage of life you are in and dive in. It is meant to be a companion during a time which can be confusing, emotional and discouraging. It is also small enough at 8' by 5' to fit into your hand bag! 


Reading this book will ignite in you strategies to move forward, reflections to deepen your self-awareness and resources to further build your capacity in managing transitions. All of the entries take no more than 5-10 minutes to read. Even if your personal transition is nothing like the ones in the book, it will still be able to inspire you with ideas, reflections and thoughts to move forward.


Who is the author?


Sam is a women's life coach. She helps women between 30-50 years go through life transitions with more clarity, freedom and joy. With more than 20 years of corporate experience, 4 teenage children and married for more than 23 years, coupled with training as a professional life coach and an ICF Credential, Sam has coached numerous professional women in the last 6 years through their life and work transitions.

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When will the book be ready?

It will be ready for delivery by early April 2021. We will be in touch with you closer to the date.

When can I use the 1-1 coaching session?

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What about the group coaching?

It is planned to be nearer the book launch in April/May 2021. We will contact you!

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