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Benefits Of Simplifying Your Life Dramatically

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Marie Kondo did not come up with a magic formula - granted she developed her own method for keeping her home clutter free - but by no means this is new. Yet with Netflix and great marketing, a petite Japanese woman took the world by storm with her book and the KonMari Method. "Kondo" is now a verb just like Google.

Why? This is because we are all looking to tidy our space and as a result transform our lives, as promised on her website. We are looking for peace and joy. Peace, not just in physical peace, but mental, emotional and psychological peace. Joy, well, because we have so little of it. We are attracted to having a life that is simplified so that we are not encumbered with this heaviness.

What are the benefits if you decide to simplify your life dramatically?

If you read her book or watched her series in Netflix, there is a sense of peace and space when a house is decluttered. This is the same sense of peace and space you will have, should you decide to declutter your life. And perhaps for the first time in your life, you can enjoy the peace and have the space to grow into the best version of you.

With less clutter in your life, you will start to reconnect with your inner self – your feelings, thoughts and values will start to come to the forefront. In the past, all these took a back seat, since you are too busy, too overwhelmed and too unavailable to see them. You will start to become more like the real you.

Not wanting to lose this peace and joy you are starting to have, you start to practice extreme self-care – you learn how to say no to things that no longer fit in your new life, you protect your time, eliminate your tolerations and, set strong and effective boundaries. You see and feel the costs of not doing so more acutely.

As a result, you start to make different types of choices than those that you used to make when you were your “busy” self. You now have time for the things and people you love and really care about. You start to have clarity about your life purpose, the freedom to pursue what will “spark joy” and to truly be alive in the joy that you receive.

Sounds amazing?

What can you do to simplify your life?

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