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Courage and Fear

Come to the Edge By Christopher Logue

Come to the edge. We might fall.

Come to the edge. It's too high!


And they came And he pushed

And they flew.

Making a change, taking a risk can be terrifying and paralyzingly fearful. I say paralyzing as I see that in the eyes of the people I meet every day. Every single one of them wanted more for themselves and for their lives. They most often suffer analysis paralysis of all the different options they have. So instead of deciding or trying out one of the options, the most common reaction is they do nothing.

They do nothing.

What they don’t realise is that, choosing to do nothing is also a choice.

Courage and fear are both sides of the same coin. Courage cannot exist without fear. Courage is the feeling of this fear and doing it anyway. Fear paralyses, courage acts.

Because of the possibility of failure, of risk, of hard work, of pain, of discomfort, the decision to live in fear is made.

I understand. I went through it as well. It took me a long time and quite a few coaches before I chose to take a different path, my path. I also see my family, my friends, my clients doing it every day. When every choice they make, they make it with courage – the clarity, freedom and joy is immense. The results are more than they can ever imagine.

The thought of falling is scary – but what if we fly?

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