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How to Discover What Makes Your Heart Sing

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

What do you enjoy doing during the weekends? Is it as hectic as the weekdays? No work but loads of chores, running kids to their enrichment classes and perhaps a family event? Is your life a constant to-do list?

With so much noise in our lives - whether work or personal - there is not enough space or quietness in our lives. With no thinking or reflection, our lives feels like a runaway train but we don't know where we are going. Most times, we are just surviving and coping with what comes at us in life. And then it is sleep, wake up, repeat.

How can we take action to revitalize our lives? Here are 4 steps to discover what makes your heart sing.

1. Evaluate Life

Do you know where you are at with your life? Using a simple Wheel of Life - you can quickly do a moment in time evaluation of where you are in the different areas of life versus what you really want with a simple scale of 1-10. This helps us to see our lives holistically instead of just narrow down to our career or health.

2. Set Goals

With the areas that you identify as the ones you want to work on, set goals that you want to work on to raise the score for these areas. For example, to raise the score for the area for health, perhaps a suitable goal is to make sure you go for a 20 minutes walk 3 times a week.

3. Take Action

Setting goals would not be useful without taking action. Think about how to keep yourself on track in taking action for the goals you have set. Would having an accountability partner be helpful to you in the area of taking action?

4. Claim Joy

In brightening up your life, what can you add to this process that will bring joy to your life? Block out 30 minutes to do this quick exercise. Take a piece of paper, and quickly list down the things, and activities that you really love doing. If you have trouble, think back to your childhood - what is it that you were doing that made you most happy?

Combining both the list of activities that will make you most happy and the goals you would like to achieve, you have something that you can invest in to feed into your soul!

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