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How to do a quick reset of your life

Perhaps lately you feel run down, or frustrated or confused or burnt out. It feels like your life is messy and seems to be directionless. You go through your days like a zombie – feeling void, feeling numb. You wonder if there is more to life than this. Some days you are overwhelmed with too many responsibilities and on other days, you just want to stay in bed and hide. And you know it is not a medical issue.

You are not alone.

There are periods (pun not intended!) in a woman’s life that we go inside of ourselves and ask if this is the life we want, and is there all there is. You are stuck in a funk and struggle to get yourself out of it – even with the 4 shots of espresso you took at breakfast!

When that happens to me, I would do a quick reset.

What does doing a quick reset mean? It means taking massive action in doing things differently in various areas of your life to give you a jolt of energy to help you get reconnected to your life again.

Reset your diet

Look honestly at what you are eating. Are these foods nourishing and energy giving? Or are they giving you that afternoon slump and causing you to be distracted instead of focused? Make a conscious effort to eat cleaner and healthier food that will support your health and energy levels. Avoid excessive tea or coffee or sugar. These foods tend to give you a sudden rise and then, cause a crash afterwards. Switch to herbal teas, soups, salads and increase your fruits and vegetables intake.

Reset your body

If you have not hit the gym for a while, this is the time. No excuses if you do not have a gym membership, a simple walk around the neighbourhood or run in the park would help to give you the sorely needed endorphins. It will strengthen your body and give you a naturally induced sense of well-being to battle the bad moods.

Reset your thoughts

When you are down, your inner critic will come out to play. The negative self-talk that you can do without, will chatter all day, taking the meaning out of everything you do. To quiet the inner critic, you can use meditation or a personal retreat if you can make the time. There are video’s online that can do guided meditations that will help reset your headspace. Taking a whole day off by yourself, writing in your journal reflecting with gratitude and on all the good things in your life will help you return to your life with more peace.

Reset your relationships

Make a special effort to meet your parents or siblings for tea. Initiate a date night to a new restaurant with your partner or spouse. Surprise your children with a fun day out to the amusement park. Call your girlfriends for a girl’s night out. And while you are with the people you love, be there completely. 100% present. No phones, no thinking of work, just focus on them.

Reset your environment

Has that pile of bills on your table been bothering you? Is the box of old clothes that you meant to donate, still sitting there in the corner of your storeroom? Or you never seem to get to weeding out the books that you have outgrown from your overflowing bookshelves? Set a timer and start decluttering. Getting your environment relieved of the clutter and undone chores will immediate give you a sense of well-being.

Nothing lasts forever and so this funk, this numbness, this too shall pass. When you go from passive to active, taking massive action in resetting your life, you will find new energy, new meaning and new discoveries. Make the best of this life and truly live it to its fullness.

What other ways can you reset your life?

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“Every moment is a new beginning.” – Elie Wiesel

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