It was by sheer luck that I found Sam and she has been instrumental in helping me find my voice and focus since I started my coaching journey with her. As a young mother trying to balance my personal and professional life as I rejoined the workplace, Sam has been an anchor throughout. She has given me a safe place to have deep and honest conversations and equipped me with the tools and confidence to make better decisions and drive change. She has great intuition when asking questions and is a great listener. Knowing that she will always have my back - the objectivity in her feedback and support when I need it the most has helped me tremendously. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam for anyone keen to start their journey to become the best version of themselves.

I have to admit that normally when I read sky high praisings I am always a bit suspicious, suspecting a friends favour. But then, I don‘t know anything else to say but this : If you ever struggle in your professional life, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Sam. She is very sensitive, warm hearted and easy to talk to. She untangled the chaos in my head and guided me to a change in my life I did not expect but which I am very happy with.

Silke Dietz

Professional Photographer, ZebraJojo


Sam's coaching style was a blend: she used powerful questions that helped me figure out challenges I had been facing. She was supportive of my thoughts, frustrations, and attempted endeavors. She provided feedback and clarification for me too. She's a solid, focused, and knowledgeable coach. She asked powerful questions that enabled me to clarify my thoughts, and also encouraged me to write her between sessions. Her coaching energized me and I was able to move through challenges and came up with deeper meaning due to working with her. I learned what is is like to be supported by a gentle, strong, powerful coach. She listened well to me, and I felt heard by her. I ended up understanding my motivations better and have more clarity around significant issues I was facing. I was able to keep moving forward despite some unexpected challenges and to juggle several projects simultaneously. I felt supported through the entire coaching round - and felt stronger and had more momentum to keep going and follow through. And, I felt more content. I also ended up having more clients and work, one of my goals.

Peggy Linden
Coach, Facilitator, Consultant, Healer
Washington D.C., USA

I’ll never forget Sam’s first words to me - “You need self-care.” It was a wake up call, but not what I had expected to hear when I felt that I was at a point in my life feeling stuck and overwhelmed, juggling work and being a mum to two preschoolers. The coaching sessions have given me a fresh perspective on my career and motherhood, and ideas on managing the balance, but I believe what I got most out of it was the confidence and assurance that I was doing alright and I always have access to resources and support when I’m ready, to go even further. Thanks, Sam, for your support, and getting me started on this journey.

Banking Professional

Sam's coaching style is very intuitive. She has an amazing ability to be in the present moment and her timing is perfect. Due to her professional approach and her warm and gentle support, I felt very safe being coached by Sam. Trusting her, I was able to adress some of my deepest challenges. I was inspired by her way of supporting my progress, and her way of reflecting the process. It has made an impact my own coaching style. As a result of Sam's coaching, I learned to be more trusting in my own person, how to be more genuine in what I am doing, and to make use of my talents. I also found the courage to try something that I was contemplating for many years.

Charlotte Malik Strååt
Assistant Principal
Stockholm County, Sweden

Sam is great at asking direct questions that challenged my perspectives and opened up new options and opportunities. Her questions encouraged practical solutions and personal insights and she kept me accountable each week for my actions. Sam is also supportive and encouraging in the coaching sessions

Sharyn Rayner
Experience HR, Training and Recruitment Professional
Elliminyt, Australia

Sam is very open and authentic, always very supportive, and also practical in her coaching process. She always supports her client to find the best inner resources and solutions.Sam helped me find new inner solutions, and she supported me inseeing challenges from different perspectives, so that these challenges can easily become possibilities in our life long journey as human beings. Now, I am even more positive, energetic and confident in myself, and I feel stronger to make always my very best as a human being and as a coach!

Dr Paola Fiore
Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Coach
Milan, Italy

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